Well-trained and attentive staff care for your best friends.

Guistina, aka Guss, has been working at the daycare since 2006, but has been around dogs since childhood, as her mom is a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Guss is a major asset to our West side location because of her innate understanding of dogs and their behavior. Kaos, a Boston Terrier/Bull Terrier Mix is her pride and joy. When not at work Guss enjoys snowboarding, the outdoors and spending time with her family and friends.

Lou is the Lead at our East facility.  She brings a bubbly energy that cannot be beat! She’s always smiling and makes everyone around her smile, too.  Lou has been instrumental at building our East location and team to what it is today.  She tackles any challenge she is faced with.  If you ask Lou, she would love to have an entire franchise of A Dog’s Best Friend Doggy Daycare and she would like to be managing a few of them.  She is a big fan of Big Foot too!

Gill, short for Gillian, is full of energy and spark. Her cool, upbeat and silly nature rounds out our team perfectly! She has strong aspirations for the future. Her plans include being a History teacher, working in the Peace Corps and becoming a foster parent to children and animals. She has a knack for rescuing animals in need and currently has 2 rescues at home; Gizmo, a 5-year-old rottweiler/beagle mix and Kiah, a 6-year-old lab mix. Her favorite part of working at A Dog’s Best Friend is “seeing dogs socialize and learning how to interact with other dogs and dog kisses.”

Katt comes to us with a history of raising service dogs; 9 of them to be exact! Her attention to detail — and desire to make sure everyone and everything is taken care of — makes her a welcome addition to our team. She, understandably, has a soft spot for the labs and golden retrievers that we care for. When she isn’t at work, she enjoys cooking with local ingredients in the “farm to table” style. Katt adopted a 4-year-old labrador retriever named Gareth that had made it through the intensive training program to be a service dog. He served just over a year but then “had a career change” due to medical reasons (seizure). Katt absolutely loves meeting each dog’s personality and finding out what they love. She’s also interested in dog behavior and would love to help troubled dogs.

DSC_4737Michelle is new to our West location.  She came to us wanting to be a groomer and quickly realized that the positives of daycare where more her style.  Michelle is quiet and reserved but very passionate about making sure the dogs are having a great experience while in our care.

DSC_4876Jackie comes to us with years of doggy daycare experience.  She has an overwhelming calmness to her that is invaluable.  Jackie is currently in school to get her degree in Accounting and wants to be a CPA.  She is a mom of a little girl, named Freja, and has a litter of dogs, Oliver, Feivel and Pip.

Clancie is a quirky gal.  She is eager to please and wants to be the BEST she can be!  She takes on new responsibilities with willingness and sass.  She has two dogs, Oreo (a pom mix) and Mars (a cattle dog) and loves teaching Mars new tricks.  When not at work, you can find her geeking out on video games.

SavySavy comes to us with years of experience at several different doggy daycares.  She is quiet and confident.  She is a great addition to our team and brings so many new ideas to us.  Savy has to mini dachshunds, Eggnog and Cognac.

Lizzy is the newest addition to our team.  She is confident and eager to learn.  She is a natural when it comes to leading playgroups. We can’t wait to see her grow here!

Kalene is our talented and friendly professional groomer. Stay tuned for more information.

Kelli has joined our staff. Stay tuned for more information.

Amber has joined our staff. Stay tuned for more information.